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ABDOMINAL SUPPORTS: Abdominal supports have a variety of applications. As a general support for the larger-sized person, they supplement the abdominal musculature weakened by loss of muscle tone. In so doing, they reduce the strain on muscles, ligaments and joints of the lumbar and lower spine. Most notably, abdominal supports help restore the normal distribution of body weight, thus improving posture and overall body physiology. Used postoperatively, abdominal supports prevent the straining of abdominal incisions.

ANKLE BRACES: Ankle braces are effective supports for stabilizing the ankle joint following severe sprains or after cast removal. Each model is designed to control abduction and adduction (need to simplify these terms) while permitting free flexion and extension.·      

BINDERS: Elastic binders have a variety of applications. Their common use as an abdominal binder for post-surgical dressings is augmented by their use as a simple abdominal support when loss of muscle tone is indicated. In addition, all models are made of elastic. Each model is sized according to body circumference where binder is to be worn.·      

CANES: The simplest of all assisted devices, canes provide important benefits: independence, relief of pain and protection of joints. Often a cane is used temporarily after knee or hip surgery to relieve stress, facilitate healing and protect against re-injury. For a cane to function properly, several guidelines should be followed. The cane must be the right height for the patient. The top of the cane should be even with the patient's wrist when the arm is relaxed. When the patient's hand is resting on top of the cane, the elbow should be at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees. Generally, a cane is used on the side opposite of the hurt or injured joint. The canes are extremely lightweight and adjustable to satisfy various height requirements.·      

CAST AND POST- OPERATIVE SHOES: Our selection of cast and post-op shoes provides lightweight sanitary protection for plaster casts and for post-operative foot conditions. All styles come with a non-slip sole and can be worn on the right or left foot.·      

CERVICAL BRACES: Cervical braces are designed to redistribute the weight of the head onto the chest and back, thus relieving pressure on the cervical spine. This permits mobility while limiting motion of the cervical vertebrae. Indications for use include treatment of cervical fractures and dislocations.·      

CERVICAL COLLARS: Cervical collars provide an effective degree of rigidity to limit mobility of the cervical spine. Use is indicated when partial immobilization and extension of the cervical vertebrae is prescribed. They are also used for relief of muscle tension and for treatment of minor neck injuries, including common automobile whiplash.·      

CERVICAL TRACTION KITS: Cervical traction is used to relieve pressure on muscle, nerve tissue and minor fractures of the cervical spine. Constant and intermittent traction (flexion or hyperextension) can be achieved with any of the traction kits.·      

COCK-UP SPLINTS: Cock-up splints are designed with a removable aluminum insert that provides the necessary rigidity to stabilize the wrist and forearm following minor fractures, sprains or after cast removal. The aluminum insert can be shaped to an individual’s unique contours and reinserted in the pocket provided under the palm. Forearm splints are suggested for treatment of minor sprains and fractures of the ulna and radius, bones in the forearm.·      

DORSOLUMBAR SUPPORTS: Dorsolumbar supports provide maximum spinal coverage. They give stability to the lower back and sacrum. In addition to restricting anterior and posterior motion, these supports also limit rotation, the characteristic motion of the dorsal spine. Dorsolumbar supports are used for such conditions as osteoporosis, arthritis, lordosis and scoliosis. Other general uses include postural correction, abdominal support and as an aid in the treatment of minor fractures and postoperative conditions. Use of hose supporters as an anchor is recommended. They will be included only upon request.·      

ELASTIC KNEE BRACES: Our deluxe knee braces are knitted from one-way stretch beige elastic and measure 12" in length. Use is indicated for stabilization of the knee joint when muscles or ligaments have been weakened or damaged. Where hinges are indicated, stainless steel hinges are standard. Hyperextension stainless steel hinges are available upon request. Drop lock hinge modification is also available on a special order basis for an additional cost.·      

ELASTIC LUMBOSACRAL WRAPAROUNDS: Elastic wraparounds provide adjustable compressive support to help relieve the discomforts of low back pain. They help stabilize lumbar, sacral and abdominal muscles and ligaments, thereby relieving stress on the lower spine. Varying degrees of support can be achieved by using optional steel stays that accompany some models or by selecting styles with alternative support features in the back such as the crisscross wraparound style or cinch-pull models. The contour design of all wraparounds provides a comfortable and anatomical fit for maximum therapeutic benefit. Hook 'n pile closure on all wraparounds ensures easy patient application and removal.·      

ELASTIC SACROILIAC WRAPAROUNDS: Sacroiliac elastic wraparounds have the same design features and utility as lumbosacral wraparounds. They are, however, more specifically designed for support of the pelvic region as reflected in their comparatively smaller back length. All sacroiliac wraparounds have flexible stays to help maintain proper positioning of the support on the body. The highest quality elastic is used to ensure durable, long lasting support.·      

MATERNITY SUPPORTS: During pregnancy, stress on the abdominal musculature creates additional strain on the lower spine. Maternity garments provide support to comfortably relieve the distress of muscle and low back pain commonly associated with pregnancy. Care must be taken when sizing and fitting these supports so that they gently hold the weight of the extended abdomen, but do not exert pressure on the abdominal wall.·      

NEOPRENE KNEE SUPPORTS: These neoprene supports provide uniform four-way stretch compression, and serve as an insulator, retaining the body's natural heat to promote circulation and reduce swelling. Especially useful for sports applications, neoprene supports are also effective in the treatment of sprains, strains, pulled muscles, arthritis and a variety of post-surgical conditions. Unless otherwise noted, all models are constructed of 3/16" neoprene rubber with nylon laminate on both sides. Exterior color is beige. Sized according to knee circumference.·      

NEOPRENE SUPPORTS: Neoprene supports retain the body's natural heat to promote circulation and reduce swelling. They are constructed of four-way stretch neoprene rubber double faced with nylon laminate to protect the skin (total thickness 1/8"). Four-way stretch anatomical compression provides general support and stability during athletic activity. Lightweight and washable, all models have an attractive beige exterior. Contoured design prevents bunching.·      

PELVIC TRACTION BELTS AND LEG TRACTION: The therapeutic value of pelvic traction belts results from the downward pull they exert on the ileum which reduces intervertebral pressure, thereby relieving patient discomfort. Use is indicated for traction of the lumbar, lumbosacral and sacroiliac regions of the lower spine.·      

SACROILIAC SUPPORTS: The sacroiliac joints are non-movable joints located at the juncture of the sacrum and ilia, bones forming the pelvis. It is through the sacrum that spinal nerves enter the lower limbs. Any undue strain on the sacroiliac joints could result in a mild separation of the sacrum and ilia causing significant pain. Sacroiliac supports are designed to hold the ilia firmly against the sacrum, limiting motion of the sacroiliac joints and thus relieving any discomfort.·      

SAFETY SUPPORT BELTS: Back pain is the most common cause of lost productivity in the workplace. Many work related back injuries caused by muscle strain and improper lifting can be prevented. One cost-effective solution to guard against on-the-job injury and curb lost work time is to use safety support belts. offers a variety of industrial back supports that when used with proper lifting techniques can help reduce the occurrence of injury and protect against re-injury. Whether it's a simple elastic wraparound or a pneumatic belt with inflatable air chambers, an ounce of prevention can help make a big difference.·      

SHOULDER BRACES: Our shoulder braces are designed as an aid to promote good posture. When shoulders slump, the individual is reminded to straighten stooped shoulders in order to relieve undesired pressure of straps under the arms. They are also designed to limit motion of the clavicle when treatment of a clavicle fracture is indicated.·      

SOFT FOAM COLLARS: Soft foam collars provide comfortable support when stabilization of the cervical region is needed. Foam collars are especially convenient for night wear. Use is indicated for relief of muscle tension and/or treatment of minor neck injuries, including automobile whiplash.·      

THERAPEUTIC HAND AID, CARPAL TUNNEL SPLINT: Controlled function is an important therapy in the treatment and prevention of repetitive motion disorders and in the management of arthritis. The hand splints provide assisted support to relieve pain and control motion while enabling the patient to perform duties necessary to daily living. Closure and all adjustment straps are secured by hook 'n pile contact. Swelling and post-swelling adjustment is easily accommodated. See product descriptions for specific applications of each splint.·      

WRIST SUPPORTS: Whether you operate a computer keyboard in the executive suite or equipment in a machine shop, our finely crafted wrist supports are effective in the prevention and recovery from trauma situations. When simple wrist compression or repetitive motion control is indicated, turn to for the products you need.

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